Looking for your Ebrary bookshelf?

Update 06/01/16 – The old Ebrary bookshelf has now been removed because it was believed to be causing some clients problems accessing the new Ebrary bookshelf.


The Ebrary ebook platform has now moved to our new and improved authentication system, as discussed previously on Liblog.  Ebrary itself remains unchanged but if you saved ebooks to the Ebrary bookshelf and annotated Ebrary ebooks or added notes, you will need to request these be transferred to your new Ebrary account.

Retrieving your Ebrary bookshelf (bookmarks, notes and annotations)

  1. Sign in to Ebrary.
  2. Copy your Ebrary bookshelf login username.  (This is  the long string of characters ringed in red in the image below – it will be unique and will have the format “portsmouth_shib_a57c3d2g5ppg9ecscfadfrfasfwe”.)EbraryID
  3. Email your Ebrary ID to support@ebrary.com and ask for your bookshelf to be merged.  If you made a note of your old username before the changeover, it helps if you include this as well.