Book of the Week 19/1/15

We kick off the new year with a book that should appeal to everyone and will be useful in a wide variety of situations from university assignments to work environments.

All too often we jump into the tasks and issues we face each day – or even bigger life decisions – without a lot of thought and without a lot of planning. But it’s not difficult to learn how to think about how we think and to develop techniques that can both help us make better decisions more quickly and easily.

How to solve problems and make brilliant decisions: creative thinking skills that really work is a very easy to read book that is packed full of good advice, useful tips and helpful background. The sixteen (short) chapters are divided into seven parts:


  • How to use your most important asset – your brain
  • Summary: brilliant thinking on a plate
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Creative thinking
  • Thinking of other people, and
  • Final thoughts – using our minds to their full potential.

Part of Pearson’s Brilliant series, it fits nicely into the University’s ‘Being Brilliant’ training.

Whether you need to improve your creative thinking, solve a problem or two, or even just improve your decision making this is definitely worth checking out. You can find this book on the Library catalogue by searching for ‘hall solve problems’ (or click on and we have it in print form and electronic so you can access it in whatever way suits you best. If you want to go further, there’s a really helpful annotated reading list at the end of the book.



One comment on “Book of the Week 19/1/15
  1. Thanks Timothy for taking a moment to be Creative Arts Book of the Week guest writer! Such an interesting book too.

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