Creative Arts Book of the Week 28/01/15

Fashion: concept to catwalkFashion: Concept to catwalk by Olivier Gerval (2007)

This newly acquired book delves behind the scenes of the fashion world and explores some trade secrets.  It is great for fashion design students and covers the creation of fashion from the original design, choosing fabrics and colours, the manufacturing process, catwalks, publicity and marketing strategy. The book follows the process through the fashion ‘house’ of a young designer showing all the steps that need to be taken and is filled with sketchbook pages, photographs and drawings that clearly illustrate the processes involved.

We have all heard of the A-line dress, but did you know about the H-line, I-line, X-line and Y-line? Browsing through the pages I saw lots of fashion drawings that looked like an archive of Butterick patterns. This immediately put me in mind of my school days when I battled with a sewing machine in my needlework classes for weeks to create something that only vaguely resembled the divine creation on the front of the envelope.

But then I never looked like a clothes horse even as a teenager.  Oh those were the days…..not…!

You will find the book here in the library catalogue.

Click on the My Subject pages within Art and Design to find out what electronic resources the library recommends for this subject area.   Try the VADS database to get you started.  It holds over 100,000 images on the visual arts including lots on fashion.

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