New Authentication System for eResources

The university is changing the provider of our authentication system for electronic resources. This change is being made to improve the support for the system and allow us to have better control of access and information on e-resources.
The change will take place on 5th January 2015 [now changed to 1st Feb] and will mostly cause no change for users. The only effect will be for users who have saved searches and bookmarks in the following library electronic resources:
• ebrary
• Box of Broadcasts
• Jisc Media Hub
• Digimap
• Reading Lists (Talis Aspire)


For any ebrary users who have ebooks saved to their bookshelf or who use annotations and notes it is essential that you make a note of your ebrary user ID before5th January 2015 [now changed to 1st Feb]. If not you will not be able to bring your bookshelf and annotations over to your new account.

ebrary users who know their ebrary ID will be able to request that their bookshelf titles and annotations are carried over to their new account once we switch authentication providers. Your ebrary user ID is a string of numbers and letters which can be found at the top of the page when logged into the ebrary bookshelf:


Box of Broadcasts

When Box of Broadcast users first login to the website after the authentication provider change your saved clips, programmes and playlists will not be visible. However, once you have entered your email address Box of Broadcasts will be able to merge your accounts and bring your saved clips, programmes and playlists over to your new account.

Jisc Media Hub and Digimap

Jisc are unable to transfer saved searches in Media Hub or Digimap to users’ new accounts. Registered Digimap users have been contacted by the library directly, but if you have any concerns over the inability to transfer saved material in these resources please contact the library.

Reading Lists (Talis Aspire)

For users of Reading Lists (Talis Aspire) who are able to create and edit lists, please make sure that you log onto the system between 5th January 2015 [now changed to 1st Feb] and 31st March 2015 [ now changed to 30th April] to ensure that you do not lose your bookmarks.

On logging into Reading Lists after 5th January 2015 [now changed to 1st Feb] users will see a message asking if they wish to transfer their bookmarks to their new ID. Click ‘OK’ to enable this to happen.

 If you have any questions please contact the library: or +44(0)23 9284 3228

2 comments on “New Authentication System for eResources
  1. We understand that many clients find taking the first steps with e-books and other online resources confusing and we are here to help you, which is why we provide 24/7 support by phone and email.

    Please do not struggle alone! If you have any difficulties or concerns with Library e-resources, please get in touch by phone, email or online chat. Our contact details are available from the Library website:

  2. This is quite interesting for developing the eResources. The students struggling with ebooks and they studying online from around the world but they are not lucky to reach library building on campus 🙂

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