Information is beautiful

Information is beautiful (McCandless 2009, p. 151) - close up
Information is beautiful (McCandless 2009, p. 151)

I had the great pleasure of attending a talk during the Brighton Festival by the author and journalist David McCandless, expanding on the joys of making information beautiful.

A man with a loathing of pie charts (I’m with you there, Mr M!), David’s website and books show how you can present information in a witty way, with plenty of “no way… really?” moments.


Returning from the talk, and having taken some time to browse the website, my favourites are:

Wikipedia’s lamest edit wars

(N.B. As a person who shares a home with two cats, I would call them “My Feline Overlords”)

Who really spends the most on their military


How did we die in the 20th century

but there is plenty to tickle your funny bone and exercise your brain, particularly if you – like me – really struggle to conceive of those millions/billions-type stats.

We have the book in stock too – yay!

Kath Shakespeare

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