Creative Arts Book of the Week 17/04/14

Detail in contemporary bar and restaurant design

Drew Plunkett and Olga Reid

Another new purchase plucked from the display shelves.  And this time I grabbed it before anyone else took it!


Don’t be put off by the rather boring grey cover.  This beautifully illustrated book shows 48 interior design projects from around the world.  Each chapter is lavishly illustrated with plans and photographs; the text gives detailed descriptions on why and how the chosen designs were created.   Some chapters include photos to show the reader  how the work was achieved.  This book is not only a study in technical design but also about the psychology of designing an interior and the feelgood factor that makes us want to keep going back and make the business a success.

We have three copies of this book available to borrow.  Perfect for Interior Design and Architecture students.

See it here at:

For other ‘how to’ books on commercial interiors:

And for other titles in the same series and by the same authors:




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