Business website of the fortnight – 28/03/14

money photoBank of England

I think this is a good quality resource for financial whizz kids or those of you who are just interested in how our economy is working (or not).

It has current topical content with lots of colourful images and news releases are published daily. Look out for the forthcoming news release on Bankstats (Monetary & Financial Statistics) – February 2014 due to be published on 31st March.   You will find it by clicking on the link above.

There is a search bar at the top of their home page offering an advanced search facility and search help.  There are links to different topic areas including a site map and lots of opportunities to contact them.  They also have a presence on Flickr, Twitter and YouTube.

There are some interesting educational video collections such as ‘Keeping on an even keel – The role of the Bank of England’ and ‘Exploring inflation’.

And why the Bank of England is considering polymer banknotes. I don’t know if they will bounce or not….

There is a huge amount of content on the homepage but it’s very well-organised.  See the links to videos and reports on the Quarterly Bulletins.

Click on the link below to find out about the history of the Bank and banking in England.  There are lots of useful facts and figures and some interesting trivia for pub quizzes.

Did you know that the average gold bar weighs 13 kilos or 28 pounds?

That’s 2 stone in old money.  Yikes!!

Photo by Images_of_Money

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