Daily Mail Historical Archive

The Library currently has the Daily Mail Historical Archive available as a trial service.


Access the full text of articles from 1896 to 2004.  The trial runs until 28th March.  Please send feedback to greta.friggens@port.ac.uk

This trial is only available on campus but you can access it from elsewhere by using the Web Proxy service.

One comment on “Daily Mail Historical Archive
  1. The Daily Mail Historical Archive is a gem for historians and journalists. Although there is clearly a right wing bias in many of the pieces it offers a window into the world of our past. You can search within the text and the title; enlarge the press cuttings to a more readable size and browse through the same page or issue for similar themes. You can print or download articles up to 25 pages at a time. There doesn’t seem to be a maximum limit. You can also email yourself the article links and copy and paste the bookmark url into another document. I searched for the Festival of Britain and got nearly a thousand results. I was able to limit my results by article type or publication section, including 193 features and ten images (although the black and white quality is very poor). This resource is great for researchers trying to track down events or people and also to get a feel for different styles of journalism within the past hundred years. Great resource but use it quickly before it disappears on March 28th! Trial period only.

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