Agatha Christie

Of course, Cluedo (see the posts from Wednesday and Thursday) is directly inspired by Agatha Christie’s stock characters and situations in her detective novels.  There’s a web site devoted to her and her work here:

And yes, wikipedia has an entry:

The Library has several book about her:
Agatha Christie : investigating femininity by Merja Makinen
Agatha Christie: power and illusion by R.A. York
The bedside, bathtub & armchair companion to Agatha Christie edited by Dick Riley & Pam McAllister
From Agatha Christie to Ruth Rendell : British women writers in detective and crime fiction by Susan Rowland
Reflecting on Miss Marple by Marion Shaw and Sabine Vanacker
as well some ebooks.

and if that’s not enough, there’s more here:

(and much much more on the internet as you might expect)

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