Words with no vowels

TOTD has been exploring words which have no vowels and here are few findings:

English can supply some:


but it depends on your definition of a word as this tired explorer found:


And an ever useful list of words usable in Scrabble:


Other languages though seem to manage quite handily with such words (though they do include ‘semi-vowels’).  Czech for example:


Note the delightful: Strč prst skrz krk. (Stick your finger through your throat.)

Going further afield, Hebrew and Arabic are of course well known for only adding vowels more recently, but there are entire languages still with very few vowels:


If anyone is holidaying in regions like this, do pack extra vowels.  You can always get them from the Finns who seem to have an overabundance.

4 comments on “Words with no vowels
  1. Yes, quite a tour-de-force as I suggested. But it seems rather a shame to spoil the effect by including a picture on the last page that contains several Es. Ah well. Thank you for the example anyway!

  2. I have heard of these but not actually come across them in reality. Do you have an example? (Though it seems like something of a tour-de-force rather than something that’s actually worth doing!)

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